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Ashoka Gears came into its existence, has been manufacturing Gears from 10mm to 1000mm. Ashoka Gears Manufacturers is now become a popular gear brand in all over world, We are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of all type of Industrial gears and gearboxes, cast products and heavy sheet metal fabricator. We are leading gears manufacturers, industrial gears manufacturers of all type of industrial gears like industrial gears to custom gears up to 12,500mm dia. With the help of our dedicated Engineering department and realistic approach and experience of our skilled persons who are working in this field since its being can manufactures gears as per drawing or provide new designs to the customers.

Our gears are mainly divided in 5 different categories and these categories are Spur Gear, Helical type gears, Bevel type gears, hypoid type and worm type gears. Every gear has its own requirement depending on number of considerations, ratio, loading capacity, accuracy and quality level. This five type of gears are used in all industries like marine gears, defence gears, turbine gears, gears for power industries, gears for automobile industries, gears for cement plants, gears for sugar mills, gears for sponge iron plants and other heavy industries requirements.
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  What are Gears ?

Gear is very important part of a machine and it is most demanding and playing important usage within various industries like marine, industries, automotive industries, coal mine industries, Steel plant industries, Paper Industries, Agriculture and Fertilizer industries and many more. In these heavy industries these gears are using in so many wide application. Gears are used in conveyors, Elevators, kilns, cranes, lubrication systems, lifting to rotating.

Mainly gears manufacturers play an important part in movement these gears can increase and decrease rotation speed and increase o decrease of power and torque. For increasing and reducing the torque a big gear coupled with smaller gear, for reducing speed and increasing torque a small gear turning with larger gear, these gears are also used for enhancements for positioning machines and systems.

Original Gears Manufacturers is not an easy job, where several type of gears manufacturers for several industries. Gears used in various industries including heavy machinery gears manufacturers are categorized into several types. According to industries, gears are also custom designed and fabricated. We are manufacturing original equipments and gears manufacturers for original gears manufacturers as per international quality standards. These quality standard gears are used in all industries like gears for marine industries, gears for power industries, gears for automobile industries etc. Every gear has specific size requirement, size specification and row material standards.

Gears are the common object of transmitting power in the field of mechanical engineering, Gears manufacturers are always used multiple (two or more). Gears manufacturers can be small for wrist watches and very large according to machine or vehicle type. Gears manufacturers are mandatory part of mechanisms like rolling mills, metal tooling machines, hoisting, and other industrial machined equipments as concern for the vehicles its used in small cycle to airplane and big ships. Toothed gears manufacturers are generally used to change the speed, power and direction between input and output shaft.

Gears are very old machinery type, first time over 3000 years ago primitive gears manufacturers used to transmit rotary motion. Slowly gradually this is part of every machine for managing motor speed and transmission generation. Now days consumer electronics have driven plastic gearing, plastic gears are lubricant free, reliable and quiet operation. Gears manufacturers are as common that we are using gears manufacturers on our homes in washing machines, electric drills, mixture grinders etc.

Basically gears can increase and decrease the rotation speed and power of torque, for increasing or reducing the torque big gears mesh with small gear similarly for reducing smaller gear turning with large gear. Gears manufacturing and original gears manufacturing are 2 different work, original gears manufacturing is not an easy task, here so many gears manufacturers are there according to industrial gears are also custom designed and fabricated. We opt international quality standard for manufacturing original gears. Quality standards for gear type is different according to the gear type, every gear is having own specifications, measurement and raw material standards.

If we consider the type of gears we may have many gears like, Bevel Gears, Girth Gears, Pinion Gears, helical bevel gears, rack gears, ring gears, face gears & many other types of internal gears and external gears.

Gears manufacturers have no predefine sizes, most of the gears designed as per machine requirements, there unequal sizes can be combined to making mechanical advantages so that speed of the other gear will be different from the first gear. Gear Manufacturing is a art and if one can understand the ratio, measurement and fabrication can create perfect gear manufacturing unit.

Gears can be customized for use with a special application. It is possible to request for a gear of certain specifications for it to work like you want it. Simply described, gears are rough wheels with cutting edges that transmit motion and energy when meshed with another gear or a compatible device. It produces rotary motion. Positive transmission is transferred and accomplished whenever the teeth of the gear work in conjunction with another.

These are the simplest concepts that gears manufacturers have to focus on whenever they create quality gears for clients. A simple gear can determine the success or failure of a production line or a whole plant. This is why it is crucial to consult only with the deemed experts who are genuinely concerned about their clients.

Gears can be unique or mass produced. They vary in diameter, module, orientation, and type. Their application varies greatly too, as they are normally used in industries related to heavy machinery, construction, milling, mining, and several others. Allow the Ashoka Group - Gears Manufacturers to fabricate your gear requirements. Let us show you why we are called gears manufacturers world leaders.

Gears are the key products of Ashoka group but they are doing so many turnkey basis projects in all over world and doing challenging jobs in heavy industrial machine equipments manufacturer, they are supplying machine equipments to all the industries like power industries, agriculture industries, mining industries, defence and marine equipments etc. Ashoka group is a leading gears manufacturers and also engage with some other unique jobs like sheet metal fabrication, complete plant setup on turnkey basis, trouble shooting assistance here they are having a single roof where you can find all kind of engineering solution.

  Why to choose a Ashoka Group ?
Ashoka gears manufacturers are a leading quality gears manufacturers in India. We have a competitive gain in providing services in the most proficient and effectual manner. Gears have now become crucial device for an extensive range of industries. An appropriate understanding about the gear products is a must to stay ahead. The organization has an important existence as a gears manufacturers unit with almost all varieties of different gear segment types and machineries applications that includes supplies of Original tools and Replacement necessities, with regular exports to major developing countries including U.S.A. Ashoka gears manufacturers presents gear blanking, engineering consultation and urbane inventory management services also. It is an ability which one can recognize the proportion, dimension and fabrication can form ideal gears manufacturing unit.

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